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For the past 30 years, conventional nutritional wisdom has recommended eating less and exercising more if you want to lose weight. In theory, this makes sense – burn more calories than you eat, and the pounds will come off. I wish it was that simple, but it’s not. To believe that weight is due to calories
Every January, you, along with millions of other Americans have made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, eat less sugar, go plant based, etc. This is the time of the year the internet will be inundated with the latest weight loss fads, gimmicks, and other misleading information. Before you get sucked into

Losing Weight is a Lifestyle Change

Why do you want to lose weight? In order to make significant changes in our lives, such as losing weight, we need a strong, compelling “why”. Typically, the more intense the pain and suffering, the stronger our desire to change. When you compare two people with different motivations to stay healthy, one being someone that
Creativity helps keep you healthy! As children, we were more curious and inquisitive and that’s a part of learning; Somehow, as we go through life, we end up losing that creativity, and it’s replaced with conformity. We tend to lose that spark, forgetting how we used to color faces blue and the sun purple. It