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     Check out my interview, “How Toxins Contribute to Weight Issues” on the podcast ‘Green Living with Tee.’ Tee guides you on how to reduce your exposure to toxicants and carcinogens that can contribute to cancer and other illnesses and helps you create a low-tox home to increase the odds of a long,
In episode 14 of The Heal Deal Podcast with Dr. Leona, we discussed why creating systems in your life can help you achieve success. Systems provide structure and purpose to your everyday activities, so it’s important to understand how they work and what benefits they can offer. We’ll discuss why having a system is important,
Whenever you take on a new journey, there are moments of when you will experience discouragement in the process. There’s overwhelm. There’s fear. There’s disappointment. There’s confusion. There’s moments when you will feel hopeless, and this is when you are ready give up. You become hard on yourself and start to sabotage your progress when
This post will be about how fasting works for healing and weight loss. I want you to have a better understanding of fasting, because from where I’m sitting, I have seen it done more wrong than right. I strongly believe the reason for that, is because many people don’t understand the true purpose of fasting,