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Life Begins Inside Your Comfort Zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
Many personal development coaches preach about how life exists outside of our comfort zones. I believed that philosophy for many years and then I looked back at my life one day and realized, “You know what, I wasn’t comfortable inside my comfort zone.” We are taught that inside our comfort zones we are not growing,

7 Quick Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  So is the time to overindulge and splurge.  It may be enjoyable at the moment, but let’s face it, year after year most of us gain a pound or more during the holidays and unfortunately it stays with us.  Some of us work so hard to get the weight

It’s Time to Break Free

Freedom in Chains Book
Do you face the same struggles in your life over and over again? Health struggles? Financial struggles? Relationship struggles? Do you feel like you are pretending to be someone you are not? Do you feel like an invisible chain is holding you back from achieving your true power? If this is you, your life may

Forgive Yourself First

Freedom in Chains Book
  Order your copy of Freedom in Chains today! My newest book is now available on Amazon and at FreedomInChainsBook.com (for an autographed copy).