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Losing Weight is a Lifestyle Change

Why do you want to lose weight? In order to make significant changes in our lives, such as losing weight, we need a strong, compelling “why”. Typically, the more intense the pain and suffering, the stronger our desire to change. When you compare two people with different motivations to stay healthy, one being someone that
Creativity helps keep you healthy! As children, we were more curious and inquisitive and that’s a part of learning; Somehow, as we go through life, we end up losing that creativity, and it’s replaced with conformity. We tend to lose that spark, forgetting how we used to color faces blue and the sun purple. It
It seems like we have a pill for every ill In the US, around 50% of the population use at least one prescription drug, and roughly 25% use three or more prescription drugs. The number of drugs provided or prescribed is 860.4 million! And 68.7% of physician office visits involve drug therapy. The most frequently
Healthy cells are the building block of a properly functioning body We all start off as a tiny cell, small enough for 1 million of them to fit on the head of a pen! We go from one tiny cell turning into two, two into four, four into eight, and so on, until we become