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Why I Started “The Heal Deal Podcast”

Life happens in stages

Years ago, I used to be so shy, I was afraid to order pizza. Fast forward a couple of decades and I struggled with weight loss resistance, and chronic fatigue. I was already 70 pounds overweight when I learned I was pre-diabetic with fatty liver disease and gallbladder disease, and if someone said I was going to be hosting my own podcast in 2022, talking about weight-loss and wellness, I would’ve been like, “Yeah, right!”

Looking back at the difficult phases of my journey, I can say my life has been a series of learning experiences, and now I understand that a journey isn’t just about where you’re going. It’s about where you’re at now and how you got here.

Now I have about 20 years of experience in health and wellness, I have written books, sold courses, and I’m still very passionate about helping people. The people I work with are extremely intelligent. Most of the women I work with are professional women, who have families, careers, and so much more going on, but for some reason they just can’t get their health right!

You are not alone

There are so many women that are dealing with this, and a lot of them tend to keep it to themselves or think that they are the only ones dealing with this problem; Or they just think there’s no answers… but there are!

Not only have I started the podcast to give you the real deal and maybe share some tough love from time to time when I’m exposing this truth that you need to know, but I also just want to give you hope and let you know that you’re not alone, you’re not crazy, you’re not imagining things.

I’m going to help explain how we got here, because I know how frustrating it could be. I’ve seen what diabetes can do to the body, I’ve seen what chronic disease can do to the body, I know how it feels to sit in the office, embarrassed, tired, and overweight. I’m still healing, and part of my healing journey is sharing my story, and sharing my experience, because this is some good stuff that I’m going to be sharing. What’s the point of keeping it to myself, right?

I want to give you the strategies that’ll help you succeed, and the podcast is another channel to reach people that I wouldn’t have normally met and continue to help lives change.

Focus on your journeyquite road representing a journey

My healing journey has really changed my life in so many ways. Even though it hasn’t always been easy, I have learned a lot, and it has equipped me to help and effectively guide others just like you; which is just such a blessing. I’m honored to be called to do this work and “The Heal Deal Podcast” is another step in my journey.

There’s a lot of information out there, and I’m going to help you navigate through a lot of this information so you can learn what applies to you.

Even if you’ve already done a bunch of programs, you probably quit because your expectations weren’t met. You got frustrated, the program didn’t work, or it made your situation worse.

You can have the perfect diet, but if you’re not able to digest it, you’re doing the wrong things in the wrong order. It’s about understanding what’s required of our bodies to make it a successful journey.

The good news

The good news is that when you understand where you’re at, you will figure out what works for you and what direction you need to go. The podcast is just about helping you to be more intuitive, as well as helping you to be able to tap in to real health information, so you can start to understand and be drawn to those things that heal you.

What I want to do is allow your true power to be expressed… that inner power that you already have. I’ll help that power come out so that you can heal and be that person that you were destined to be.

Healing begins when you remove the physical, chemical and emotional barriers that prevent you from getting well and if you are ready to embrace that journey, this podcast will help you identify, recognize, and navigate those hurdles that have previously held you back while helping you to continue making positive changes towards your own health and wellness.

Here’s the deal though – You must decide today to take full control over your health, so you don’t have to rely on doctors for the rest of your life. When you are clear about the health or the life you want to achieve, the steps you need to take to get you there will no longer feel like an uphill battle. You will begin to embrace the challenges head-on, instead of allowing them to defeat you, I promise you that.


I am so excited. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to be part of your journey. I’m just thankful for the opportunity to be able to share my experience and expertise. The Heal Deal Podcast is where I know you’ll discover the tools you need to receive that positive impact in your life.

Listen to the podcast across all platforms and share with those you know need to hear it so that you all can achieve more freedom in your health and your life.

Let me conclude by re-stating some of what you will get from listening to The Heal Deal Podcast:

  • Clarity on your health destination
  • Deeper dive into your healing process
  • 20 years worth of health and wellness insight
  • A guide to discovering the truth about your health
  • Weekly strategies that’ll increase your health outlook
  • First hand peak into my life and personal healing journey
  • A community of like-minded people with shared experiences
  • Access to the right information that’ll equip your healing journey

And much more…















Seal the deal to heal today, CLICK HERE  to start listening to episodes from the podcast!

Dr. Leona