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Will Your WHY Get You What You Want?

We often think about WHAT we want to do to achieve more health in our lives. For example, we want to lose 20 pounds, we want more energy, we want longer hair……But what we need to do is focus more on WHY we want what we want in relation to our health and appearance.

When we only focus on our WHATs, we tend to do things that are quick and aren’t safe or healthy in order to get that WHAT that we want. For example, to lose weight, we may try a weight loss pill with dangerous side effects, or in order to gain more energy we may gulp down energy drinks that may eventually lead to adrenal failure. We may see some immediate results, but at what cost? Then when we decide to stop the weight loss pill or energy drinks, we find ourselves right back where we started or worse!

When we focus on the WHATs, we too often let our excuses guide us. Excuses like, “I am too busy!”, “I don’t have time!” or “I can’t afford it!” To overcome these false justifications we call excuses, we need a strong and compelling WHY.  It is our WHY that drives us to change for the better.

WHY do you want more energy?
WHY do you want to lose 20 (or more) pounds?

It’s your WHY that will move you in the right direction. It’s your WHY that will make you get up at 4 a.m. to work out. It’s your WHY that will motivate you to feed your body nutrient dense foods that will allow your body to heal. The stronger and more compelling your WHY, the easier it is to get what you want!

So what is your WHY? If your WHAT is to lose 20 pounds, WHY do you want to do it? Is it so you can fit in your wedding dress this summer? Now, this WHY may get you there, but there is a slim chance it will keep you there. What do you think will happen once the honeymoon is over? ….. That’s right! You will probably gain all the weight back plus some! Unfortunately, this WHY is not strong enough. So let me ask you again. WHY do you want to lose 20 pounds?

  • To increase energy, concentration and focus that will improve personal and professional performance
  • To be able to take care of yourself and / or your children
  • To no longer be a burden on your family members
  • To prevent the onset of a severe or life-threatening disease such as heart disease or diabetes

Do you see the difference? It is those types of WHYs that drive people to change. It is about being available for your family. It’s about being a good example for your children. It’s about doing things you enjoy and living your life to the fullest!

In your journey to healing, make sure you have a strong WHY to carry with you. Make it bigger than you, because when you are healthy, you are a better you! Your WHY becomes a part of your being and who you truly are.

Your greatest asset is your health! Start your Journey to Healing today!

And until next time, always remember……Where there is HEALTH, there is FREEDOM!

2 Comments to “ Will Your WHY Get You What You Want?”

  1. Anita Wilson says :

    I want to get rid of Diabetes and high blood pressure by doing natural remedies. I don’t want to take medication that will harm me and not a real cure…

  2. Terry Bailey says :

    Excellent! I always remember you talking about this during your seminar. I want to get rid of these cancer cells that are in my body. I have never had diabetes or HBP, so I want to get back to my ideal weight so I won’t be at risk for getting either.