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Does Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease? 5 reasons why cholesterol is good for you.

Does cholesterol cause heart disease

You may have been lead to believe the high cholesterol causes heart disease. You may have probably been told to stay away from foods rich in fat and cholesterol by literally everyone from your doctor to the media. What you may not know is that there is little evidence that proves that high cholesterol can cause heart disease and stroke.  There is actually more evidence that explains how cholesterol can protect you from heart disease as well as improve other aspects of your overall health and vitality.

Cholesterol is your friend.  Every cell in your body needs it.  Cholesterol works on the membranes so neurotransmitters can work.  That is why people with low cholesterol tend to suffer from depression.  Deficiencies in cholesterol can cause violent behavior, cancer, low libido and can make people more susceptible to strokes.  Cholesterol plays a role in cell-to-cell communication as well as makes hormones.  Cholesterol acts as an antioxidant, prevents cancer, and protects cell membranes.  Cholesterol also protects your skin from sun damage, fights infections, and supports glucose metabolism.


Now you see how cholesterol is essential for your body.  It is needed by every cell.  The widespread belief that cholesterol will cause heart disease is a myth. This myth was popularized after the flawed Seven Countries Study done by Dr. Ancel Keys in 1953, where he only picked the countries that supported his claims and excluded the countries that didn’t.

Your body knows how vital cholesterol is. In fact, the liver controls our cholesterol needs will make attempts to manufacture cholesterol if you don’t take in adequate cholesterol in your diet.

Cholesterol is your friend, and not your enemy.  Here are the 5 top reasons why cholesterol is good for you:

  1. Hormones are made from cholesterol

The healthy functioning of your body is controlled by specialized signal molecules called hormones.

For example, to successfully get pregnant, healthy levels or estrogen and progesterone are required.

These hormones are synthesized from cholesterol. Other hormones that are synthesized from cholesterol include cortisol and testosterone.

The need for these hormones to be kept in a fairly constant state should be motivation enough for you to change your perception of cholesterol.

The ingenuity of the body allows for the maintenance of a relatively constant level of cholesterol in the body to allow for the normal formation of the hormones and the running of bodily functions.

  1. Cholesterol is vital to cell function

Your body is composed of approximately 50 trillion cells.  Your survival depends on the integrity of each and every cell. Every one of your cells has a membrane comprised of a lipid bilayer and off these walls of fat are receptors. These receptors are responsible for drawing into the cell your vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and hormones.

The cholesterol and fat involved in the formation of the lipid bilayer of cell membrane holds it together. Without adequate cholesterol, the cell membrane will not have the stability, stiffness, and structure that is mandatory for the integrity and function of the cell membrane.

  1. Cholesterol is critical for brain and nerve function

The central role that the brain and nervous system plays cannot be overemphasized enough. Throughout the day, your brain and nervous system works together to accomplish the daily, vital activities that keep you alive.

Even when you are sound asleep, your brain is still working to maintain your breathing and other subconscious activities.

Cholesterol works on the membrane so neurotransmitters can work.  Both the brain and nerves rely on neurotransmitters which are specialized signal molecules that propagate signals between their specialized cells.

Through the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels, your body can manufacture sufficient neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, to facilitate normal function and protect against depression.

  1. Cholesterol is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D3 from sunlight

Not only is vitamin D3 essential in bone health, but it is also important in mental health, blood sugar regulation, cancer prevention, and the health of the immune system.  Low levels of vitamin D3 is associated with heart disease and depression.  Vitamin D is synthesized from cholesterol.

  1. Cholesterol protects the immune system

Every day, you are exposed to many infectious organisms. A healthy body has the ability to defend itself against these microorganisms and prevent it from getting infections. Your immune system is your defense mechanism. Low cholesterol can make you more prone to infections.

Now that you understand the critical benefits of cholesterol, what now? Why is everyone saying it is bad for the heart? It was previously documented that high cholesterol levels resulted in the hardening of the vessels to the heart muscles that resulted in heart attacks and other heart diseases. Recent studies, however, have found that it is not consistent and there is more at play than just the levels.

You need to understand the roles cholesterol plays and live a lifestyle that keeps your cholesterol in balance.  Solutions to healthy cholesterol levels include:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress reduction
  • A healthy digestive system
  • And a comprehensive heart / health program

In conclusion, it is fascinating how looking at the bigger picture changes the perception of cholesterol. Too many people have avoided cholesterol, without completely understanding how important it is. Too many people still believe that high cholesterol causes heart diseases.


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