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Is Juicing Good For You?

Is juicing good for you? This is a common question and I am going to answer by first explaining what juicing is and what it isn’t.

First I will share with you some of the pros of juicing.

The Pros of Juicing

  1. Juicing makes it easier to get fruits in vegetables in your diet

Because juicing tastes good, it’s a good way to get your daily servings of fruit and vegetables in your diet.  Also, if you have kids, it’s a great way to get great tasting veggies in their diets as well!

  1. Juicing is a lot easier on the digestive system

Because the insoluble fiber is removed in the juicing process, juicing can give your digestive system a break.  When done correctly, juicing can help with the healing your gut and the restoration your digestive system.

  1. Juicing helps you easily absorb nutrients

Because juice is easier to digest, the body is better able to absorb the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that is contained in the juice.

There are cons to juicing as well.

The Cons of Juicing

  1. Juices are high in natural sugars and can lead to blood sugar swings

This is important to understand, especially if you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or trying to lose weight. Look at it this way.  One apple has about 19 grams of sugar and it takes about 4 to 6 apples to make an 8-ounce glass of apple juice.  Let’s do the math. If you’re using four apples, you’re getting about 76 grams of sugar in that one 8-ounce glass of apple juice. If you’re using 6 apples, you are getting up to 114 grams of sugar! That’s over 100 grams of sugar in one juice.  Not to mention, you may be also adding carrots and beets to it that will increase the sugar content even higher.

The solution to this is to use more vegetables, such as kale and spinach at a 4:1 ratio, meaning four servings of vegetables to one serving of fruit to minimize blood sugar swings.

  1. It is not a complete detox

Understanding what a true detox is will help you understand why juicing does not qualify as a true and complete detox.

The lymphatic system, kidney, liver and intestines are the downstream detox pathways.  Popular liver and colon cleanses, for example, only support the downstream detox pathways.  True detox must happen upstream at the brain and cellular levels. The downstream pathways need to be supported in true detox.  Herbal or juice cleans, they are not comprehensive enough to support detoxification upstream, which is at the brain and cellular levels.

Toxins, such as heavy metals, chemicals, mold, hidden infections, accumulate over time.  I don’t want you to have the false reality of believing that you are completely detoxed after a 10 day juice cleanse.  True detox is a process, but it has to be done properly and consistently over time.

  1. Can be dangerous if not supervised by a qualified health professional

Bile carries toxins away from the body.  The liver works with the gallbladder to produce bile.   Toxins are then released into the intestines and before you evacuate to get rid of the waste.  What if you are constipated or not evacuating completely?  This can cause significant stress on the body and is extremely dangerous.    What happens is you end up recirculating toxins in the blood stream and this causes more harm than good.

In order to properly detox, it is crucial you work with a trained professional that understands the phases of detox. The practitioner must understand how to heal and repair the cell, because if the cell isn’t functioning properly your body cannot detox.  The practitioner must also be competent in how to open and support detox pathways, and utilizing true binders to remove toxins from the body. Most cleanses aren’t comprehensive enough to truly bind the toxins and remove them from the body.  It is crucial you have a true binder that effectively removes toxins from the body.

Phases of Detox

  1. Prepare detox pathways. The first phase of true detox is preparation of the detox pathways. You must prepare the liver, the kidneys and the lymphatic system for 1 to 2 months before attempting a true detox.  This is based on a comprehensive health history and evaluation.
  2. Clear the body. The second phase is to clear the body for 3 to 4 months.  Clearing the body of toxins allows the cells to release the toxins.
  3. Clear the brain. Clearing the brain can take up to a year. Toxins affect brain function.

So back to the question.  Is juicing good for you?  Yes, juicing can be part of a diet or lifestyle plan, but not recommended if you are juicing for detoxification or for weight loss.

I am qualified to create a true detox and lifestyle program that works for you.  If you would like to learn more about our programs, visit http://www.AskDrLeona.com to schedule your free 30 minute call to see if you qualify.