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Are Excuses Keeping You From Achieving Better Health?

We all make excuses.  “I don’t have the time to….” “I don’t have the money to….”  I don’t know how to…..” and the list goes on and on.

We want more in life…..more money, more fun, better health, but when the opportunity presents itself, we come up with excuses.  It’s our excuses and limiting beliefs that keep up from moving forward.  Why do we fall back on the excuses instead of going for it?  It’s because our excuses keep us inside our comfort zone.

What we currently have, our friends, our jobs, our health status is within our comfort zone and everything we want or desire is outside of our comfort zone. We know deep down inside that in order to change, we need to do something different.  For example, if we want to lose weight, we have to change our eating and exercise habits.  That is difficult and scary for a lot of us.

The truth is, there is no other way.  Change can be uncomfortable.   It can be challenging.  It can be scary.  Embrace it.  You must allow yourself to work through it.  This is why a support network is essential when it comes to reaching you healthcare (or any) goals.

Just get out there and do it!  Don’t think of it as a chore or an inconvenience.  Keeping focused on the outcome is what will motivate you to push through those ups and downs.  Before you know it, your new habits will be within your comfort zone, so will better health and the energy to continue on the journey.  This is where it becomes a lifestyle.

Stop the excuses, and allow what you want to enter your life!  Expand your comfort zone so that better health can fit in!