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What is your health definition?

Many of us strive to be healthy, but do we really understand what being healthy means?  Health can mean different thing to different people.What is your health definition?

Let me share an example.  You get a headache (symptom), take an Advil® and the headache goes away. Advil® wears off, headache returns, you take another Advil®, and the cycle repeats over and over again. Is that health? Absolutely not! This is purely symptom suppression!

In this society, we emphasize way too much on removing the symptoms rather than creating an environment in which the body can function as close to 100% as possible.

You cannot determine your health by the symptoms you have! True health is getting to the underlying cause of that headache or any other condition, whether it is food allergies, dehydration, toxicity, malnutrition, or lack of sleep…..you need to uncover the imbalance and correct it. Symptoms are simply the end result of the body’s inability to function properly.

You can even be unhealthy and have no apparent symptoms!

In fact, the World Health Organization states “Often, there are no symptoms of the underlying disease of the blood vessels. A heart attack or stroke may be the first warning of underlying disease.” (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs317/en/)

Pretty scary, huh? What are your symptoms? What is it about your health you would like to change?

Symptoms can be common, but they are never normal. And if you have any symptoms – it means your body is not functioning correctly.

Let’s look at this way.  Imagine driving your vehicle and the check engine light comes on. Even though you notice the light, you continue to drive, because at that moment, nothing appears to be seriously wrong with your car – you think, “Maybe it’s just a check engine light malfunction” – so you ignore it or cover it up (suppressing the symptom) and continue to drive your vehicle.

One day, on your way to work, your automobile breaks down and you are stranded on the side of a busy road.  Your car gets towed to the nearest mechanic and you find out that you have serious mechanical problems with your vehicle.  He continues to explain that it’s a problem that’s been going on for quite a while and could have been avoided with routine maintenance.  Your vehicle can be repaired but will be very costly.

You shake your head and admit to your mechanic that you knew you should have kept up with the car’s routine maintenance and check-ups (preventative care), but just didn’t make the time to get them done. 

You have missed time from work AND you have to come up with the extra money to repair your car.  Most of this could have been avoided if the car had been taken in for regular oil changes, inspections and tune-ups….  This is how many of us approach our health.  We ignore or cover up the signs and move on until it’s too late!

Don’t let this happen to you! 

If you are experiencing symptoms, you must discover what triggers them by finding the causes and eliminating them as soon as possible. 

Let me ask you again.  What is your health definition?  If you are ready to determine the cause of your symptoms, contact us.  We would love to help!

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