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The Leading Causes of Health

The title of this article was inspired by an April 2015 episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup.  She was discussing the study of healthy centenarians all over the world. What do they have in common?  They practice the causes of health.  As Dr. Northrup perfectly stated, “The leading causes of health!  Imagine if we operated from that paradigm!”

I also agreed with Dr. Northrup when she said our culture is all about the war on cancer, the war on drugs and the war on aging.  As a culture we put too much attention on the problem, disease, or symptom.  It’s time to turn things around and focus on the solution.

What concerns you the most about your health?  Is it your weight?  Are you lacking the energy to get through the day?  Are you living with a chronic illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure?  Have you already tried and invested in medications, supplements or some other remedy and still struggle to get well?  You are not alone.

I understand.  I’ve been there.  I had my own personal struggle with weight loss resistance and chronic fatigue.  I was seventy pounds overweight when I learned I was at risk for diabetes and liver and gallbladder disease. In my first years of practice as a natural healthcare practitioner, I have used chiropractic adjustments, herbs and supplements to handle the pain and other symptoms (the problem), but it only provided temporary relief.  I had to discover the missing link because apparently, eating right, exercising and taking a handful of supplements everyday just wasn’t enough.

It has become my mission to discover what it takes to succeed at truly getting well and staying well. I’ve applied what I learned when working with my clients and was finally able to crack some of the toughest cases.  I’ve applied these lessons in getting my health and my life back.

What prevents us from getting well?

There are many reasons, but first we must understand the true definition of health.  According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  Unfortunately, many of us base our health on the symptoms we have.  Health is not being symptom free and we cannot truly acquire health by only focusing on and treating the symptoms.  In other words, we must stop focusing on the problem.

We need to thoroughly assess the source or the cause of our health concerns.  A majority of the symptoms and diseases we see today stem from chronic cellular inflammation, triggered by nutritional deficiencies, physical and emotional trauma, and environmental toxins. Inflammation of the cell causes a number of problems with cellular function, and then eventually symptoms begin to occur in the body. When we begin to repair our cells, our bodies can begin to heal.  It is our focus on the healing cycle that can repair our cells and our bodies.

What are the leading causes of health?

  • Understanding the true definition of health
  • Focusing on health, not the disease
  • Identifying and removing the physical, emotional and chemical barriers to healing
  • Healing at the cellular level
  • Acquiring lifestyle habits that bring you closer to health and away from sickness
  • Living instead of surviving

What will you focus on today that will move you closer to health and away from disease?