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Brain Based Wellness

Your body may be experiencing a stress that is putting your health at a far greater risk than you may realize. This stress is linked to the high-tech, fast-paced world you live in.
Your body is not designed to withstand this new level of constant, chronic stress.

This high level of stress creates excessive over-stimulation of your sympathetic nervous system to the point where it can no longer cope or heal. Brain wave activity adapts by pumping out stress hormones such as cortisol and depleting the brain of healthy, mood-balancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin. This results in poor memory, pain, poor sleep, weight gain, and even cancer.

Brain stress...physical, chemical, and emotional...is the driving force behind a multitude of health issues we commonly see today, such as, obesity and heart disease. In today’s environment, we cannot treat the body without treating the brain. We use chiropractic adjustments and other effective techniques to reboot and rebalance the brain.