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How Toxins Trigger Diabetes and an Overview of the 5 Rs of True Cellular Detox

According to many recent research studies, toxins are the third most common cause of cellular inflammation. I also believe it to be the most hidden cause of diabetes and other kinds of hormonal problems. Despite the changes in their diets and exercise routines, many diabetics are still struggling with balancing their blood sugar levels, losing excess weight and increasing their energy levels.

Perhaps, 30% of people suffering from diabetes do not realize that the accumulation of toxins in their bodies can be the major cause of their diabetes and thus, are unaware of the importance of true cellular detox to attain the benefits of the beneficial lifestyle changes. If this is the case, they are likely to be a part of the 1/3 of the population affected by TIIR or Toxin Induced Insulin Resistance.

The 5 Rs of True Cellular Detox is subsequently the best approach to fix the cells and improve the body’s functions. In this article, I will give you an overview of the 5 Rs and how it can be a beneficial approach to fight diabetes, reestablishing hormonal balance and removing toxins.

An Overview of 5 Rs to True Cellular Detox

The key to bringing changes to the specific genes expressing diabetes is through removing toxins from the cells. When the toxins are removed, the hormone receptors are able to regenerate (for example, the insulin receptors). In order to remove toxins from the cells, a valid and integrated approach must be adopted. The 5 Rs to cellular detox has been considered very effective to fix the cells and improve their functions. The 5 Rs act as our road map to regulate the cells’ ability to detox. Now, let’s briefly go over the 5 Rs to cellular detox.

R1: Removing the Source

Removing the source is, unfortunately one of the most overlooked Rs. In order to control a serious condition like diabetes, it is very important to remove the source. Most of the healthcare practitioners, including allopathic and alternative, treat the symptoms of diabetes without considering the primary cause or source. Instead of getting to the source, which may be toxic in nature, most practitioners dabble with downstream symptoms in their attempts to fix the issue.

It is important to understand that there are a lot of upstream toxins, and if left undetected and untreated, these toxins can prevent the body from healing properly. According to some research studies, there’s a very strong connection between diabetes and toxins from cosmetics, plastics, pesticides, cigarette smoke and so on. In order to get well, you have to remove the source.

R2: Regenerating the Cell Membrane

While trying to remove toxins from the body, it is very important to regenerate the cell membrane. If the cell membrane is inflamed, it will not allow nutrients to enter the cell and toxins to exit. The cell membrane can be considered the gatekeeper. It is believed that life begins on the membrane. It is also considered to be the brain of a cell.

The cell membrane also contains integral membrane proteins or IMPs. These are the hormone receptors and they hold the inborn intelligence of the body. This allows the cells to communicate with the surrounding environment and perform various functions.

When the membrane is regenerated, it is able to communicate properly with other cells and bring changes in the DNA and in gene expression. If the cell membrane is unable to regenerate, it will not be able to detox or change gene expression. In simple terms, it will be difficult to overcome diabetes.

R3: Restore Cellular Energy

It is very important to restore cellular energy. In fact, increasing cellular energy is the first step to improving overall health, while regulating glucose levels. Without restoring cell energy, it will be challenging to benefit from other treatments. The cell will not have sufficient energy to drive properly.

With lower cellular energy, inflammation will increase. Due to this, you will feel very lethargic and lazy. You might not have the energy to get out of bed on even get through the day. In addition, you may also experience some general pain and brain fog. This defect in basic cellular metabolism may be the primary cause of your diabetes. It is necessary to restore cellular energy to improve your condition.

R4: Reducing Oxidative Stress or Inflammation

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to reduce inflammation to control diabetes. With this stress, this is certainly not possible. In order to reduce inflammation, it is crucial to reduce oxidative stress. If you’re unable to reduce oxidative stress, your detox attempts are likely to fail.

R5: Reestablishing Methylation

Methylation is a standard process in which the body performs and manages many responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities of this process is to turn the good genes on, and bad genes off. Detoxification of bad hormones is another responsibility of methylation. In fact, this process is the key to starting and stopping most cellular functions. Thus, it may be considered a process to sustain life.

Stress is one of the most important factors for depletion of methyl groups. It is important to understand that the human body considers physical, emotional and chemical stress to be the same. Therefore, it responds in the same way to every kind of stress. Stress puts your DNA at risk.

You also need to take care of the chemical exposure from various products which may be toxic. Some of these include personal care products, non-organic foods, silver amalgam fillings, city water, grain-fed meats, vaccinations, etc. When you add these toxic substances with other stressors (emotional or physical) methyl depletion will cause some serious hormonal problems, including diabetes.

According to some studies, chronic depression and anxiety can be linked to depletion of methyl groups in your body. Methyl groups are not only required to turn on the stress response, but also to turn it off. Some people don’t have enough methyl groups in their body to turn off stress response and therefore remain in a heightened stress reaction with rigorous ups and downs of adrenalin and cortisol. These individuals not only suffer from anxiety and depression, but from sleep disorders as well as diabetes. True detoxification of the cells is never possible without a proper understanding of methylation.

Our practice focuses on these 5 Rs to help patients recover from diabetes and improve overall health. With this approach, it is such a joy to see diabetics feel better, lose weight, gain more energy and get their lives back!

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